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Lose Weight with the #NoWhiteChallenge

August 24, 2017


Ready to challenge yourself?

No White After Labor Day Challenge starts September 5th!

What does this challenge entail? This one month challenge was designed to help create a healthy lifestyle that eliminates processed junk food... and makes room for colorful, healthful foods. Commit to keeping white foods out of your diet- many "white" processed foods often contain high amounts of sugar or white flour which are toxic to our bodies.

This means staying away from all foods that contain white flour, white rice, white pasta, sugar, potatoes, etc. Also know as high glycemic foods... these foods are bad and send your blood sugar levels skyrocketing!

Instead of starving yourself through this process, I suggest supplementing with a whole foods diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein!

Who can participate? Open to everyone, all ages!

Cost? It's free!

Each day of the challenge I will post on Facebook a recipe or tip to help you on your journey of eliminating white foods! I highly encourage participants to engage and share their ideas as well!

Not sure what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Do you want to lift weights at home but not quite sure which program to follow? Are you looking to take this challenge a step further and lose inches off your waistline while being motivated daily? Work with me! I am now accepting online training/meal plan clients! Click here for more info!

Share your experience by using the hashtag: #NoWhiteChallenge 

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