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What If I Lack Motivation?

March 31, 2018


I feel you, girl! You work full time. Or you have kids. Or you travel for work. OR you have kids and a job. You're flat out busy and by the end of the day you have no more energy left to get a workout in... And even if you had some, you'd much rather go out with friends and grab a glass of wine.


I understand the feeling because it happens to me weekly and sometimes even daily. No one is ever fully motivated 24/7. It takes practice, grit, and some serious will-power to stay in the game. (Trust me, I've been there!) Take a peek at my tips below and put a few to use next time your motivation seems to be lacking. 

  • Set your intentions. Decide each morning, before your day even starts, that you WILL dedicate a minimum of 30 minutes to workout. No matter how tired you are, no matter how long work seems... no matter what life throws you, you will show up.

  • Remember your "why". I wrote an article about finding your "why" and how it is key when it comes to creating a new and healthier lifestyle. You must do something for a purpose or else, what's the point? Knowing your "why" is very helpful in situations of doubt and will keep you motivated even when you feel like letting things slide.

  • Find what works for YOU. Some women love to get up at 4:30am and train while others like to do it over their lunch break while others like to do it late at night. Find what time of day you can afford to get away and write it down in your schedule.

  • Reward yourself. Do not use food as a reward, instead reward yourself with a movie you enjoy or a few chapters of a cozy book. It doesn't have to be a huge treat, just something small that acts like a carrot dangling in front of you as you push through your workout. Some days I even look at the hot shower as a reward for breaking a sweat. But you'd be surprised at how well it works!

  • Get gritty. Sometimes you just have to get up and DO IT. Not everything is based on your feelings in that particular moment. As women, we can sometimes be a little emotional and that can get in the way of a really good workout. Push through that and conquer! You will be so glad you did. 

Let me know in the comments if you have tips that help YOU stay motivated! I'd love to hear them. 

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