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Fitness While Traveling... Is It Worth It?

April 28, 2018


As travel, whether for work or pleasure, continues to be apart of many people's lives it is important to assess whether or not training on that five-day vacation is truly worth it.


I have spent far too many trips engulfed in the fear that if I don't train, I will either lose muscle mass or gain so much weight that I will never recover once I return home. It's so silly because I was wasting so much of my life fretting over something that held little truth.


Depending on the length of one's trip, it would be pretty unlikely that they lose all the muscle mass they worked so hard to build. No, you don't want to lose all your hard work but a seven day trip will not result in a loss. The same goes for weight gain. Unless you are overeating and indulging at every meal, without any form of physical activity, you will not gain much weight.


I believe far too much focus is put on our exterior appearance (100% guilty!) and not enough on the trip at hand. Yes, we want to be respectful of our bodies and treat them like the temple they are, but we don't want to WASTE our lives worrying about something so miniscule.


Here are a few tips that help me stay in the right mindset while traveling. Remember, we are all a work in progress! Travel or not, you are worth so much more than how much you weigh or how big your biceps are. Remember that. ;)

  • Get physical every day! Work or fun, your trip can always use some movement. Stuck at a business conference? Take the break periods to power walk. On a month-long journey through Asia? Do pushups, planks and lunges in your hotel. Get creative and just move your body.

  • I believe that traveling for pleasure involves eating more delish things than I normally would at home. This being said, you don't have to eat the whole scone or drink 3 glasses of wine in one sitting. Enjoy but be conscious of how much you're consuming. Plus, you'd be surprised how scrumptious vegetables are in other countries!

  • Take a deep breath and remember why you're doing what you're doing. Are you helping teach English in another land, or working towards your goal of being an entrepreneur, or traveling the world to see what it has to offer? Great! Enjoy this phase in your life. Don't wish it away for so you can meal prep at home and visit the local gym. Focus on the present. You're doing the best you can AND loving every minute of life. 

Honestly, I could keep writing more bullet points and keep preaching, but I'd like to keep it short and sweet because at the end of the day I just want you to realize that you got this and to enjoy your travels! So go out there, reach great heights, do a plank, and remember what I told you. :) 


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