5 Ways To Make Cardio Fun!

April 4, 2018


Since the curve phase hit America, cardio has kind of been getting a bad rap. “I don’t do more than five minutes of cardio a week!” Is the popular thing to say these days and it’s no wonder because cardio was never really any fun to begin with. Until… now. 


I do daily cardio for many beneficial reasons (I’ll write a post on that later) and have gained some insight I’d like to share with you. My top tips are listed below and I genuinely believe they can be helpful to you. Let me know your thoughts and other tips you’d like to add in the comments below!



Take it outside. I know this is every fitness professionals advice, but I am dead serious when I say that outside cardio could save your fading routine. It’s easier to distract yourself when out and about than it is staring at a wall in a gym. This first tip may seem like a no brainer but I am here to tell you that my summer workouts have always been outside and will remain that way.



Listen to podcasts or audible. I was never a fan of listening to other people talk until I downloaded media that captivated me. All you need is a super good book and you’re ready to go. If I can become absorbed in the latest podcast The Lively Show, then I am golden. 



If you’re stuck indoors, don’t worry, it’s time for a movie (sans the popcorn). Everyone has some type of Netflix or Hulu show they’re watching. Admit it. of course It’s easy to get hooked and what better way to burn though those episodes than on your treadmill. I’d also like to add that I use my cardio time to go through my “watch later” section on YouTube and catch up on the videos I was too busy to watch earlier. Highly recommend this tip because it WORKS. 



Break up your session into smaller chunks. Do some type of interval training and in doing so trick your brain into thinking it’s less time. Plus intervals are good for your body. Shake it up. 



Finally… my best one yet… Embrace the suck of cardio. I’m not joking you guys. I heard this once from a trail runner who was giving me advice. I thought he was cruel for saying that but now I can honestly say that using that as my mantra for when things get boring or tiring I keep telling myself myself that not ALL workouts are going to be terrific. Some days you’ll literally need to be spurring yourself on with three simple words “embrace the suck” oh and “you’ll sleep tonight.” :)


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