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Ditch the Doubt

June 7, 2018

Sometimes it's easy for our minds to turn on us. For our minds to tell us unwanted lies. For our minds to twist the truth. For our minds to bring in doubt... It's times when we're at our weakest point and our mind is telling us to doubt our plans, our success, our very livelihood. It can be so discouraging to deal with this on a daily basis and at the end of the day, you're exhausted!


I want to encourage you, dear friends, to be in tune with your thought processes. Know yourself inside and out. When doubts come creeping in and your mind is questioning whether to let them in or not- take each thought as it is and then send it on its way. Be a strict gatekeeper, knowing that what you allow to saturate your mind will be what you eventually become. 


Know yourself so well that when doubt beckons you can say, "this makes sense since it is my time of month and I am more emotional during this time..." or, "I am hurting due to the loss of a relative, what I am experiencing isn't the truth, it is the outcome of grief..." or, "I didn't get a full night of rest last night and things are not clear to me at this time..." Learn to be gentle and understanding of yourself. Learn to know that a stormy season does not mean "forever". 


Doubt comes in all shapes and forms. My last piece of advice is to fake it until you make it. You may "feel" like you don't have all the answers (maybe you truly don't!) but do not like your negative thoughts dictate your future. Fake it 'til you make it.


Stay strong, friends, go forward with confidence!



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