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5 New Healthy Foods to Try!

August 14, 2019

1. Monk fruit sweetener

Step aside stevia, there's a sweeter plant in town! Monk fruit sugar is derived from... well... monk fruit! For those who have trouble digesting stevia or are looking for a better way to sweeten their coffee, this one is for you!


2. Jicama 

Brown and looking slightly inedible from its exterior, jicama is packed full of nutrients and fiber! It has a papery texture, being compared to a crossover of an apple and a carrot. 



3. Raw Rev Glo bars

Finding the perfect protein bar is hard isn't it?! Raw Rev Glo is a great option for those who want a filling snack without the added sweeteners and other rubbish. Am I right? These bars have zero added sugar nor do they have sugar alcohols. They are more savory than sweet but absolutely delish all the same.

4. Skyr

Love Greek yogurt? Then you will LOVE Icelandic skyr. In a nutshell, it's a thicker version of Greek yogurt with nearly double the protein and zero fat! It is a ridge staple. 

5. Spindrift

Craving a soda or a cocktail but don't want the extra calories? Grab a Spindrift! These sparkling waters have real fruit juice in their ingredient label causing the flavor to be amazing!


Please note: I am not sponsored nor paid by any of the brands listed above. All thoughts are my own. Thank you.

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